KRISTIINA TAYLOR was founded in Southern California in with the mission to create a line of seasonless luxury leather accessories along with with curated vintage and artisanal goods. Our minimalistic designs combined with a focus on quality and functionality, allow us to create a range of versatile pieces for everyday, work, or travel. Each KRISTIINA TAYLOR piece is meant to be an effortless addition to your personal style no matter where you go.    A Note from Taylor  “Growing up in Southern California has had a great impact on my design aesthetic and style. As a one-woman-show,  I work hard to create a brand that not only reflects my roots, but my beliefs as well. All of our goods are ethically made from natural materials and sourced from responsible artisans and manufacturers. Each piece is made with intention and quality in mind. I hope you enjoy the collection as much as I’ve had creating it.”  - Taylor Ifland, Owner + Founder of Kristiina Taylor